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Annie Whitehead

Alexander Technique Teacher

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Group Alexander Technique workshops
I have been running Alexander Technique workshops for nine years.  The workshop content is tailored to the individual client group.  Weekly group workshops will start in September 2016 in Chapel Allerton, north Leeds.  The cost is £175 for ten weekly workshops and the price includes an individual lessson in addition to the workshops.  Other workshops can be arranged by appointment.  Below are detailed a number of options for specific content in workshops.  Successful workshops have a few themes and are fun as well as informative.

For further details or to book a place, please contact Annie on 0113 262 1517 or


Alexander Technique workshops in the workplace

Annie can also provide wellbeing workshops in the workplace.  She currently works on the Touchstone Workplace Wellbeing programme.  The Touchstone Workplace Wellbeing service combines practical advice that changes wellbeing behaviours in the workplace with complementary therapies that build confidence, improve morale and reduce sickness levels.  A visit to your workplace can be made without obligation to discuss workshop options suitable for your employees.  The PCP was originally a twenty four week programme which helped people with long term health conditions and unpaid carers to self manage their health more effectively.  The new PCP project is a streamlined version which runs as a 12 week programme and will assess it's effectiveness compared to the longer version.



In the Alexander Technique we use grounding to look after our bodies and improve our sense of wellbeing.  Learning to ground ourselves throughout the day is a skill that is very important.  Games demonstrating good grounding positions when sitting and standing can teach people how a little careful thought can greatly reduce tension patterns in their body.  People who can learn to ground their bodies are much more centred than people who do not practice this skill.


Looking after your back

The Alexander Technique is on the NICE guidelines as being a useful aid to maintaining a healthy back. Teaching the classic semi-supine position is one of many ways to help people look after their back.  Other ways include helping people to re-assess the way they sit and stand in everyday life.


Breathing work

Breathing work is an integral part of the Alexander Technique and is an excellent way to improve wellbeing by making breathing deeper and removing tension.  People can learn some basic techniques quite quickly.  More advanced breathing work can be provided for participants who are more skilled in this type of work.


'Stop, think and act'

With a bit of practice we can get in the habit of giving ourselves 'a moment'.  If we stop momentarily, pause to think and then act we can improve the quality of our body movement.  We do some games to illustrate this idea, with the aim of encouraging participants to take responsibility for the way they use their bodies in everyday life.  After a bit of practice, taking regular momements to be kind to your body (eg doing breathing work when at red lights whilst driving) can become second nature and so become a regular part of your routine.


Computer use

The relationship between the head and the neck is a key aspect of the work we do in the Alexander Technique and I explore how to improve this relationship, specifically when working with computers.  Handouts are provided to remind participants of the key points so that they can refer back.



Most people drive as a regular part of their daily routine.  The course provides some technical tips on how to look after your body when driving.  These include improvements to how to sit when driving, for example how people can reduce tension in the arms and shoulders when holding the steering wheel and ways to improve frequent repetitive movements such as when using mirrors.




Dan Hadley

Annie Whitehead is a great teacher.  This was my first experience of the Alexander Technique and I've found it useful and effective.  Annie is generous with her expertise, clear in her instruction and is sensitive to individual needs.  She is also good humoured and crates a relaxed and happy atmosphere.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to explore the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

Workshop participant 2013 


Kevin Lycett 

I took Annie's Alexander Technique workshops and I'm amazed how good it made me feel.  I have a bad back and have been looking for an effective way to address my poor posture.  Annie is hugely experienced and understood my needs straight away. Her tuition was really easy to follow and made this subtle and slightly confusing system really clear. She's fun and friendly which helped a lot, and because her workshop group is small she gave individual attention all the time. Result? My posture, and therefore back, is a lot, lot, better. Thank you Annie.

Workshop Participant 2012 and pupil 2013