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Annie Whitehead

Alexander Technique Teacher

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Cath Hellard

I looked around for an Alexander Technique teacher and I'm so glad I chose Annie.  In my individual Alexander Technique sessions she has the knack of instinctively knowing what knowledge I need, providing it in a gentle, warm and unhurried way.  I have currently asked to go on my third course of Alexander Technique workshops of hers because of how much I enjoy them and how much better I feel because of them.

Pupil 2013, 2014 and 2015


Janet Ireland

I came to the Alexander Technique having read a little about the subject from books.  I was aware of my poor posture and the effect it was having on energy levels, yet none of my efforts have yielded lastung results and I was beginning to despair of my computer neck and RSI.  As a teacher myself, what has really impressed me about Annie is her people skills.  Subject knowledge alone is not enough....Annie has such a good rapport with her students that learning is fun and self consciousness is reduced to a minimum.  I come away from lessons with vastly improved alignment and an awareness of all the unnecessary tensions I carry.  Thanks Annie.

Pupil 2014


Najma Bibi

I met Annie through the Positive Care Programme where I did 6 weeks group Alexander Technique workshops.  A year later my GP recommended me as a participant in the ATLAS project.  I was then randomly allocated Annie for individual Alexander Technique lessons.  I had twenty lessons with Annie.  The project is for neck pain and the sessions worked well for both my neck pain and other symptoms that I have. 


Since the lessons my sleep has improved.  I was having broken sleep and now my sleeping is a lot better. The lessons have also reduced my pain and have helped me emotionally.  I have found the lessons difficult at times but then felt uplifted later.  The sessions taught me to pace myself and improved my confidence.  The ATLAS project is over now, but I've returned to Annie to carry on our work.  The Alexander Technique has greatly helped me to improve the management of my fibromyalgia.

Pupil 2013, 2014 and 2015


Wendy Sherman

I met Annie through the ATLAS research trial, which is being run by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York.  I hadn't come across the Alexander Technique before I joined the trial.


I had twenty lessons with Annie and really enjoyed them.  I was referred onto the research project due to a chronic neck condition.  I found the lessons generally helpful, but I was surprised to find that the Alexander Technique greatly helped my breathing.  The 'whispered ahs', a special way of breathing has made a huge difference.  Six months since my last lesson I am still feeling the benefits of my lessons.  I would not hesitate to recommend Annie.

Pupil 2013


Zyginta Aitliene

I came across the Alexander Technique by accident a few months ago.  Before then I hadn't heard of it.  I decided to start having lessons to see if it would help with my bad back and reducing stress.  I have really enjoyed my lessons with Annie and have been very surprised how much it has helped with both my back pain and my anxiety.

Pupil 2014


Debra Hewitt

I was very lucky to be introduced to the Alexander Technique by way of the ATLAS trial which is orgamised by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York.  After a few sessions with Annie I was amazed how good it made me feel, both in terms of my pain and general wellbeing.


Annie is hugely experienced and understood my needs, which changed throughout my time with Annie.  Her tuition is really easy to follow and I've found it useful and effective in my everyday life.  Annie is sensitive and supportive, she is also fun and creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn the techniques.

Through Annie's teachings I have discovered more new things about myself.  Annie explained how to use the technique and its practical use in everyday life and also tailored the techniques to my individual needs and hobbies.  I now think about my skeleton, I use my body differently whilst carrying out everyday activities and I have new techniques to relax.


Having had pains throughout my body and poor sleeping patterns for many years, I have found that Annie's teaching has helped to relieve my pain and improved my sleep.  I would not hesitate to recommend Annie. 

Pupil 2013


Dan Hadley

Annie Whitehead is a great teacher.  This was my first experience of the Alexander Technique and I've found it useful and effective.  Annie is generous with her expertise, clear in her instruction and is sensitive to individual needs.  She is also good humoured and creates a relaxed and happy atmosphere.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to explore the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

Workshop participant 2013


Robert Pell

I have been a student of the Alexander Technique for more than twenty years now.  As a young pianist in my late twenties I was struggling with my physical limitations.  I was fortunate to be guided by one of my ex students to Nelly Ben Or who introduced me to the teachings of Frederick Matthias Alexander, for me a revelation, a completely new way of working.  I was released into a new world which knew no horizons; anything seemed possible.


Recently I felt the need to resume more regular Alexander lessons.  I needed to find a gifted Alexander Technique teacher near to home and have been very fortunate to find Annie.  Through Annie's teachings I have discovered yet more new things about myself.  Some things which I had not fully understood are now acquiring greater clarity since I started working with her.  She is helping me to find new directions on my journey, new directions to direct myself towards.

Professor of Piano, Head of Academic Studies, Junior Guildhall

Member of the panel of ABRSM examiners

Pianist, Composer, Teacher

Pupil 2013, 2014 and 2015


Anne Kellett

I was introduced to Annie, my Alexander Technique Teacher, through the ATLAS trial which is being run by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York.  The ATLAS trial evaluates various therapies for the relief of chronic neck pain.  Annie explained the development and application of Alexander Technique and it's practical use in everyday life.  I now think about my skeleton and muscles to support and relax my body which in turn prevents some of the strains I used to put on it.  Having had neck and arm pain and a poor sleeping pattern for many years, I have found that the Alexander Technique has relieved much of my pain and improved my sleep greatly.  

Pupil 2013


Kevin Lycett

I took Annie's Alexander Technique workshops and I'm amazed how good it made me feel.  I have a bad back and have been looking for an effective way to address my poor posture.  Annie is hugely experienced and understood my needs straight away.  Her tuition was really easy to follow and made this subtle and slightly confusing system really clear.  She's fun and friendly which helped a lot, and because her workshop group is small she gave individual attention all the time.  Result? My posture, and therefore back, is a lot, lot, better.  Thank you Annie.

Pupil 2012, 2013


Marta Smith

I approached the Alexander Technique out of curiosity and for clenching teeth at night.  I expected freedom from a bad physical habit and some form of relaxation.  Even after the first two or three sessions the results have been quite extraordinary in so far as they have encompassed my bodily experiences, my emotions and thoughts.  I am beginning to grasp the meaning of 'body and mind unity', mainly in the way I feel whole and at ease with myself.  Annie is a sympathetic teacher who guides you gently and with humour in this journey of deep discoveries.

Pupil 2011, 2012, 2013


Dawn Beck

Week One

An excellent introduction.

Week Two

So enjoying this.  I've done it previously, but this is helping me to reintegrate it back into my life and I'm getting more from it this time round.  I think it is due to Annie's excellent teaching and also because it's such a small group that we get so much attention.

Week Three

Again a really helpful session and I'm noticing that I'm being more careful with my body at home.  Annie is excellent at adapting things so if we can't manage something as it's done normally, we can get still get the benefit.

Week Four

As I was the only person there I had a one to one session which was fabulous.

Workshop participant 2012


Dawn Beck was a partipant on the Positive Care Programme which was funded by the Big Lottery.  She chose the Alexander Technique workshops as one of her options.  An example of something 'not being done as it is normally' is using a table to lie down instead of lying on the floor.  This enables someone who can't get up and down easily to still lie in the Alexander Technique semi supine.  Using the table avoids the need to put any weight on the knees for example.


Richard Yeadon

I was introduced to the Alexander Technique by way of the ATLAS trial which is organised by the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York.  This in turn introduced me to Annie my teacher.  Having never heard of this technique before, I was unsure of what to expect.  Meeting Annie though quickly put me at ease.  It very quickly became apparent that the Alexander Technique was different to anything I had previously experienced in over 30 years of back and neck pain treatments.  What a revelation!   As the lessons progressed, the tension levels in my neck reduced and so the pain.  I have carried on putting into practice what I have learnt with Annie since the trial finished.  I remain virtually pain free and am also able to deal with the cause quickly.  I am now a firm believer in the Alexander Technique and would recommend Annie in particular.

Pupil 2012 


Tony Poles

Fifteen years ago (at the age of 60) I was advised by an eminent organist/teacher/examiner to seek professional help with my "muscular tension which was hindering me from performing to my potential" - that is too many splodges!  There followed 6 years of regular (then less regular) Alexander Technique lessons with a teacher in central Leeds.  These proved to be enjoyable and always left me with new ideas and things to try.  These ideas were, over time, to help with the musical bits above.  They also, at an early stage, enabled me to lighten the mundane but frequent actions such as getting up from a chair, from a kneeling position (good for gardeners!) etc. 


During the years after these lessons I continued to apply the principle of Alexander Technique to my daily life, also to read books on the Technique generally and one in particular which linked instrumental practice and performance to the Alexander Technique. 


In March 2012 I enrolled with Annie Whitehead for a series of "top up" lessons, hoping to follow up and develop these ideas further.  I found she quickly sussed out where I was and took things from there.  The fact that she is not a musician did not matter - she was still able to spot the points of stress and help deal with them.  I emerged at the other end of the lessons with, as hoped, more food for thought and action.


I wish I had "found" the Alexander Technique 60 years ago! 

Tony Poles, Boston Spa, January 2013

Pupil 2012


Susy Laws

I completed a 10 week course at Annie's home in early 2009, when I was extremely stressed and close to burnout from my job.  I was amazed to find how poor my posture had become and to learn how much tension I held in my shoulders, neck and legs.  The exercises are simple and well-explained and have led to a vast reduction in my stress levels and a lack of pain for the first time in a couple of years.

Pupil 2009


Iona Lyons

I started to have Alexander Technique lessons when I was very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I was amazed to realise just how much tension I held in my body.  Annie taught me ways to be aware of this tension and to learn how to release it.  I have recovered fully from CFS and the Alexander Technique has helped support me through this process.  I continue to have AT lessons as part of my stress reduction routine.

Pupil 2007 and 2008

Saeed Knatoonabadi
I have been having weekly Alexander Technique lessons for over 9 months.  Before I used to suffer from bad pain almost every day.  Since I started to come to these sessions I have been trained to handle the situation.  I gradually started to feel better.  As a result of that if you have a good and healthy body it will result in having a healthy mind.
Pupil 2008

Jean Claude Nijithat

I’ve been having weekly Alexander Technique lessons for over 6 months.  The lessons are very comforting and help a lot by raising the mood and lifting the spirit.  I’ve also found the lessons awfully helpful in my everyday life.  The lying down and crawling are very useful to me in offering me pain relief.

Pupil 2008