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Annie Whitehead

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Alexander Technique is a marvellous tool for helping people with Chronic Fatigue improve their health. It needs to be used as part of a package of treatment, which includes effective pacing, good diet and the removal of stressful contributors to the condition.


Why is it so good? It enables someone to ‘unlearn’ the unhelpful postural habits that may be the cause of stress and fatigue.  People with CFS generally hold an immense amount of tension in their bodies. Their breathing may be compromised through tension held around the rib cage.  By learning how to release tension and rediscover balance of mind and body by using your body in an effective, stress free way the Technique can provide many benefits to a person with CFS.


By taking Alexander Technique lessons a person learns to use their body more effectively.  So if you are using less energy every time you carry out an everyday activity, such as getting out of a chair or picking something up, then the energy you have goes further.  As an ex-sufferer of severe chronic fatigue, I also believe that the Technique actually increases your energy base.  Lying down in semi-supine (a classic Alexander Technique position see the picture above) can empower a person with CFS to rest in a constructive manner with an open position, rather than resting (for example) curled up in the foetal position.  F M Alexander was known when he was alive as 'the breathing man'.  Improved breathing is clearly beneficial for anyone but can be especially helpful to someone with compromised health.


For people with CFS who have compromised life styles, having Alexander Technique lessons can help them feel more positive about their medical condition as it empowers them to learn useful strategies on how to be kind to their body and live in the present.